Our Story

The story of Lady Wellness Sdn Bhd began with two childhood friends turned business partners.

The idea of starting a confinement centre arose during our travels to Taiwan in 2015, where we were incredibly impressed with the services offered by the confinement centres there. Driven by a common goal in mind, we were motivated to nurture a team that provides top-class confinement services in our hometown, allowing mothers to relax and recover from labour in a comfortable, safe and loving environment.

Being successful career women aside, we also play the vital role - mothers. We deeply sympathise and empathise with mothers experiencing physical and mental distress while juggling between their career and family, especially during the different stages of pregnancy. After countless years of diligence, dedication and perseverance, Lady Wellness Sdn Bhd was officially established in 2018.

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Postnatal Care

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Malay Postpartum Massage

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Jaundice Phototheraphy

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Professional Pediatric and Gynecoloigist visits

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Escort Service

We provide special KK hospitals
transport visit,
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TCM and Postpartum Traditions

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Newborn Activities

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By chance, I selected Qlady as my confinement stay last year. Thanks to the salesperson for responding to my various doubts about your center immediately so that I had secured a booking immediately without any hesitation. After 28 days of confinement life, I have a lot of feelings. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the staff who helped take care of the baby and me during this period. The nursing team in the baby room is just kind of like angels. They treat the baby gently and speak gently to the mother.

I would like to thank the nurses for their careful care of the baby during my confinement period. Happy postpartum holiday. I would like to thank the TCM for solving various breastfeeding issues such as nipple soreness, low milk supply, postpartum discomfort, and personal guidance on how to take care of the newborn. Thank you to the housekeeping team for helping me clean my room every day and preparing herbs for me to shower and wipe.

Thank you to all the staff for providing the services and making me feel like a princess here. I am very satisfied with the service. Thank you all the aunties and sisters in nursing room for taking good care of Yangyang so that I don't need to worry. Thank you TCM for sharing a lot of parenting tips & information. She promptly assisted me in breastfeeding upon my arrival, she's very caring and always closely monitors my baby's condition. Thank you to the customer service team who always send us toKK for jaundice check, and also helping to arrange some things whenever I need. Thank you to the housekeeping team for the cleaning and tidying up the room, and serving delicious food on time everyday. Thank you to the YSF team. This is my 3rd confinement meal with you, can imagine how delicious it is!

Very happy able to spend my 28 days of confinement at Qlady Confinement & Wellness Center! I would like to thank all the staff at the Qlady for making me feel at ease, relaxed and enjoying my confinement. During the stay, I really enjoyed the excellent service like a "queen". Everyone was so attentive and tried their best to meet my request every time. And thank you so much for chatting with me every day while cleaning, so that I don't feel bored here, and everyone here is so kind.

When I first arrived at Qlady, the physical body discomfort made me down, but because of everyone's kindness and passion here made I felt a lot more comfortable. I know that I have made the right choice by choosing this great confinement center. Again, I would like to thank the in-house Chinese TCM. Whenever I feel discomfort in my body, she will be there to assist promptly, either day or night. 28 days have passed in the blink of an eye, so reluctant to go home~. Although I don't plan to have another baby, but definitely will recommend Qlady to my friends for confinement! ! Hope you guys stay healthy!

Thank you very much! Thank you for helping me with injections every day and night, helping me to solve my breast engorgement, and taking care of me during this confinement month so that I have no worry about the baby, thanks for having you! Thank you to the aunts and sisters here. Knowing that as a new mom, a baby's jaundice is always one of the most concerning issues. They are taking care of the baby in every possible way makes me very relieved. I didn't have to worry about anything during my stay in Qlady. Every time I need to go to kk for a follow-up, the staff here always get ready for me and the only thing I have to do is walk down and get into the car. Thank you very kind housekeeping team who did the cleaning on time and prepared herbs for wiping & showering every day.

I am very satisfied with the food and environment over the stay. Once again, I would like to thank all the staff for taking care of me and my baby for 28 days.

I would like to thank you for your care during this period of confinement. I am a new mother who doesn’t know anything about handling newborn, and my temper is a little bit low. You all are so sincere and patient in giving instructions step by step to a new mother, I gain a lot of knowledge and tips from here. I would like to thank you for the in-house Chinese TCM for checking my health on the first-day arrival of my stay, she is so passionate. She always shares with me breastfeeding knowledge and life tips. If there is any discomfort, she will provide assistance and advise what to take note of. I'm really grateful for getting to know you here, and I hope to see you again in the future. In addition, I would like to thank everyone in Qlady Confinement and Wellness Center, Thank you for your hard work. During this epidemic, please take good care of yourself, I hope we can meet again in the future, Thank You!

Friends surrounding me recommend Qlady when I was pregnant, and I had a secure booking immediate as it is also in a nice location. Thank you for the care over this period, I have enough of rest time together with my family, as I don't need to worry about the baby too. Thank you for the Pediatrics and Gynecologists doctor's visit, and also for transportation services to KK & Pantai Hospitals. Thank you to the nursing team for helping to take care of my baby from 2.5kg to 4kg. The food from YSF is so delicious, I'm looking forward to the meal and snack time everyday. If there is any coming chance to have another baby, I will still choose Qlady Confinement & Wellness Center!

This is the second time I have been back to Qlady Confinement & Wellness Center. There are no negative reviews, only positive reviews and great satisfaction. I have no regrets by choosing here for my 28 day confinement stay, and I am very grateful to all the staff for their care and assistance. I still remember for the first few days, my tongue was painful until I had difficulty eating and swallowing. They are so worried about me and keep follow-up from time to time, even the representative from YSF also visited and sent their regards. I have requested "softer food" to be served, and of course they did help and fulfill my request, really appreciated. One of the night, my tongue was super painful until I really felt very uncomfortable with it; I texted the In-House Chinese TCM and showed her a photo, she advised and explained immediately, and she visits frequently until I'm fully recovered. Customer service has also helped me a lot. Besides the arrangement on daily jaundice checking, no matter rest day or night time after duty, as long as I have any request, she is always there for me to solve the issue. Thank you!

Thank you to the Housekeeping crew who helped to clean up my room so that I could rest in a clean & comfortable environment. Once again, I've no regret in choosing Qlady Confinement & Wellness Center, and I will be back again if coming to have another baby. Overall, it is really comfortable, just like a family. Qlady has surprised me again and again, the management is very good. Thank you, to all the babysitters, urut kakak, customer service, cleaning sister and all other staff. To YSF, the food is yummy and delicious!


Also thank you housekeeping team for room cleaning every day. The food from YSF is so delicious! Received Ang Pow some more during Chinese New Year, super happy. Thank you for your great service!

Very thankful to all the staff in the centre and teach me how to take care of any new born baby girl Elynna. They have been patiently teach me now to help my girl to bath, feeding and brup, which is a needful for me as a new mother. All the foods are serve very well and services is good. I have enjoy very well on my 28th days stay in the centre.